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Video: New Hidden Ball Trick

0 - Published April 14, 2014 by in College, NJCAA

If you don’t love a good hidden ball trick, there might be something wrong with you. Go see a stick doctor immediately. ASA College pulled off the old hidden ball trick this year, and we found video. It’s an exciting time!

Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update #5

0 - Published March 27, 2014 by in Denver 2014, International

The FIL 2014 World Lacrosse Championships are only a Spring season away, and we’re all extremely excited. National teams around the world are preparing to make the trip to Colorado for two weeks (or more in some cases) in July, and that means a lot of training camps, scrimmages, and quite a bit of fundraising!

Video: Box Lacrosse Hidden Ball Trick

0 - Published March 13, 2014 by in Box, International, Videos

Who doesn’t love a good hidden ball trick video? At last year’s Ales Hrebesky Memorial, LCC Radotin pulled off the HBT in the finals against the Megamen. It was very well executed, and of course we have video!

New Video: 2006 Japan Hidden Ball Trick

0 - Published August 23, 2013 by in International, Videos

Earlier this week we put up a video from 2010, featuring a Japan Hidden Ball Trick. The announcers called it the first successful hidden ball trick, but we knew that couldn’t be true. Thanks to Kentaro Shimizu, we now KNOW that the statement was false, because we’ve got video evidence from 2006!

2010 Video: International Hidden Ball Trick

0 - Published August 21, 2013 by in International, Videos

If you believe the announcers on the video, this is the first time the hidden ball trick has ever been successfully pulled off at the World Championships. I can’t imagine that is actually true, as Canada has been playing in that thing forever, but that’s not the point.

Hidden Ball Trick Goes Worldwide

1 - Published January 16, 2013 by in Pro Lacrosse, The Life

Lacrosse makes it on to the Huffington Post, in a good way, thanks to the hidden ball trick, the NLL, and The Lacrosse Network!

Show LAS Your Old School! Best of the Best

3 - Published July 26, 2012 by in General

The Iroquois hidden ball trick has been the talk of town since they executed it perfectly against team USA last week, but was it better than the Gait brothers hidden ball trick?

Iroquois Hidden Ball Trick From 60 Yards Away

0 - Published July 19, 2012 by in International

The U19 Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team runs the most amazing hidden ball trick on Team USA from 60 yards away, and off a dead ball. Best hidden ball trick EVER!

Dirty Hidden Ball Trick: Robert Morris vs. Notre Dame

11 - Published February 6, 2012 by in College

We love a good hidden ball trick video and this one delivers! Robert Morris took on Notre Dame in a scrimmage this weekend and ran the hidden ball trick from a DEAD BALL situation. Unique take on a classic!

Hawaii Dreaming: Don’t You Just LOVE Lax?

1 - Published November 9, 2009 by in College, Pro Lacrosse

So the Hawaii tournament took place last weekend and, as usual, it was supposedly unreal. All accounts, again, as usual, paint it as an almost unmatchable lacrosse and life experience.