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Sidney Crosby NHL penguins playing lacrosse with Minnesota swarm

NHL Star Sidney Crosby Suits Up as NLL Goalie

0 - Published April 4, 2014 by in Box, General, National Lacrosse League, Pro Lacrosse

Could the NHL All-star Sidney Crosby make the jump to the National Lacrosse League?

John Grant Jr: Vehicle & OHL Goalie Trick Shots

0 - Published September 25, 2013 by in Box

John Grant Jr is a man of many trick shots on the box lacrosse floor. He makes it pretty, and he makes the opposition pay in a number of ways. And not that surprisingly, his trick shot game in flip flops is also rock solid. It’s the Summer, Junior is having some fun and repping Gait and Toyota in his latest trick shot video.

PG22-stx lacrosse gloves vintage

STX Takes Up Hockey

0 - Published June 4, 2013 by in Gear

STX has long been established as a major brand in lacrosse and field hockey. The company also makes golf equipment. And now the Baltimore-based manufacturer is getting into hockey, with their own padding and sticks.

NY Islanders’ Matt Moulson Can’t Stop Talking About Lacrosse

0 - Published January 21, 2013 by in Pro Lacrosse

Matt Moulson recently opened up to MSG+ about his trip to the professional ranks of the NHL, and he mentions lacrosse a BUNCH of times!

This Guy Should Play Lacrosse For Russia: Hockey Goal!

3 - Published November 19, 2012 by in The Life

A recent goal from the KHL has been deemed an “Incredible Lacrosse Goal”… but have we ever seen anything like this in our sport?

turkey lacrosse logo

Monday Lacrosse Stories: Hockey, Florida, Turkey & More

0 - Published November 5, 2012 by in International

Our readers found a bunch of great lacrosse stories this weekend and we’ve put them all in one place to keep you up to date! From Canada to Turkey to Florida and even covering hockey, we have it all!


Why Do Basketball Players Slap Fight Like Schoolchildren?

12 - Published December 20, 2011 by in The Life

As a culture we seem to be obsessed with fighting in and around sporting events. I don’t like all the fisticuffs, but if it’s going to happen, it needs to happen the right way.


Concussions & Lacrosse: A Growing Concern

2 - Published October 26, 2011 by in College, High School, Training, Youth

Concussions in sports, especially football, hockey and lacrosse, are a growing concern. Education and treatment are key, but that is only half of the equation. We can’t forget about prevention!

Boston Blazers lacrosse NLL lax box indoor

Hot Pot Of Lax: Pro Lacrosse Contraction & Dispersal Draft

1 - Published September 7, 2011 by in Hot Pot, International, Pro Lacrosse

Beware! This week’s Hot Pot is opinionated and steaming with box lacrosse goodness and idealism. Plus we’ve got all the links, news, Blind Items, and videos you need to see to get you through the morning.

Brendan Shanahan hockey

Marisa Ingemi’s Lacrosse And Hockey – A Family

3 - Published May 27, 2011 by in Grow The Game, International

Marisa Ingemi of comes on over the LAS with a hockey-lacrosse family post. The two sports are even more closely linked than we thought!

Getting To Know Kelowna Lacrosse (Canada)

1 - Published April 28, 2011 by in International

Patrick McMillan, who plays for Kelowna Warriors Lacrosse Club in British Columbia, is stopping by LAS to give our readers the down low on lax in Canada, and specifically, boxla in Kelowna. Get to know lax in another part of the world!

Paul Rabil Boston Cannons MLL

Future Of Lacrosse Rebuttal

2 - Published April 1, 2011 by in Pro Lacrosse

Connor’s uncle, Dennis sent over an email with some ideas about the future of lacrosse. And he’s a hockey guy! Let’s see what he had to say, shall we?

Cradling: Hockey vs. Lacrosse

6 - Published January 19, 2011 by in The Life, Training

Is it more difficult to control and ice hockey puck or a lacrosse ball? Connor Wilson quickly fluctuates between the two and makes his call. Add your voice to the discussion!

Thirsty Thursday Lacrosse Drop

7 - Published November 18, 2010 by in College, Gear, Pro Lacrosse

More Lacrosse Drop means more uniforms suggestions, inspiring stories, stick stringing, lacrosse photos and video, commentary, links and awesomeness. Get low. GBs are right around the corner.

Daily Cheese: New Sheldon Domes, Cornell Hockey Lacrosse Challenge

2 - Published October 21, 2010 by in College, High School

Sheldon High School, Home of the Fighting Irish Lacrosse Team.