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10 Predictions For 2011

15 - Published December 31, 2010 by in College, International, Pro Lacrosse

Jeff Brunelle came up with 10 predictions for 2010 and now Connor Wilson is checking his work and preparing a set of his own to be graded in 2011. Only 365 days away!

Connor Wilson Must Dye: ILF Italia Edition

6 - Published July 1, 2010 by in Gear, International

I’m back dyeing heads for World Games participants. This time I’m hooking up some Italian-American laxers and we’re keeping things spicy. Also updated string job on my pinched STX X10 and the Thumbpocalypse rolls on at Vail.

Wilson’s Wheelhouse: What’s Good With Lax?

3 - Published June 30, 2010 by in International, Pro Lacrosse

I’m back at it, kids! The summer allows us to talk about lax-related nonsense until the cows come home. Then we can talk to the cows. Click through for summer trending news and lots of unfettered opinion. You know how LAS do.

Daily Cheese: Kyle Sweeney, Character Defined

1 - Published February 26, 2010 by in College, International

Maverik Lacrosse debuts Kyle Sweeney: Character Defined. Plus news & notes.

Lax’n South Of The Border

3 - Published August 7, 2009 by in International

While lacrosse might not be the first thing many of us think of when someone mentions Mexico, Iliad Rodriguez is trying to change that. The coach of the young Mexican national team has been working hard attempting to organize a legitimate ILF World Games contender.