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IMLCA Convention Recap – Part 1

0 - Published January 6, 2014 by in Training

It has been nearly three weeks since I attended the 2013 IMLCA convention. This post was crafted from memory in an attempt to show off my biggest takeaways from the event. The chief discussion point among my group of friends (high school and college coaches) was the value of the talks and presentations.

Hot Pot Of Lax: Salisbury Lacrosse Highlights

2 - Published March 4, 2011 by in College, Hot Pot

Yesterday we looked at Lynchburg Lacrosse. Not bad, not great. Today we look at Salisbury Lax. Pretty great. Plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning cup of joe!

Salisbury University Lacrosse Highlight Videos From The 1990′s

2 - Published January 24, 2011 by in College

Did you think we were done with the Vintage Salisbury Lacrosse Videos? NOT EVEN CLOSE! We’ve got interviews about Coach Jim Berkman taking over, War on the Shore highlights and more game highlights. This is pure lax gold.

Salisbury Lacrosse 1989 Nazareth Lax

Vintage (1989) Salisbury University Lacrosse Video

7 - Published January 23, 2011 by in College

THANK YOU, YOUTUBE! Great old lacrosse video showing some action from the 1989 NCAA Division 3 Season featuring Salisbury University prominently. No offset heads, short shorts and toaster helmets. This brings me back.