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The Notre Dame Experience

2 - Published January 9, 2012 by in College, NCAA

Ever wonder what it’s like at a Notre Dame lacrosse recruiting weekend? Coach Corrigan and his staff have set up the ultimate Notre Dame Experience.

Notre Dame Lacrosse stool locker

Notre Dame And The Future Of Lacrosse In Indiana

4 - Published October 12, 2011 by in College, High School

Connor Wilson takes a look at why Notre Dame holds so much influence in the current and future growth of lacrosse in the State of Indiana.


Denver & Notre Dame: Why They Are The Future Of Lacrosse

17 - Published April 29, 2011 by in College, NCAA

What has made Notre Dame and Denver two of the top teams in NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse this year? Leadership. If you want to win lacrosse games, you simply have to have it. There is no other way.