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choctaw stickball championships

Choctaw Stickball: Lacrosse’s First Cousin

7 - Published October 24, 2011 by in Grow The Game, The Life

The LA Times recently had an article about Choctaw Stickball, which is like the first cousin of modern lacrosse. It’s played in the Southeast once a year and is the most intense and violent version of the game we’ve ever seen!

Cajun’s Corner – The Dutchtown Season Ends

1 - Published April 12, 2011 by in Gear, High School

Knox checks in with LaxAllStars and hits upon a bunch of end of season updates from the Dutchtown Lacrosse team in Louisiana. Big things in the lacrosse world down South. Dutchtown has made HUGE strides this year!

Cajun’s Corner – Battle by the Beach (Photos & Video!)

2 - Published March 24, 2011 by in High School

Think the only beach lacrosse is in New Jersey? Not even close. There’s beach lacrosse in Mississippi and teams from Louisiana, Texas and Alabama all came out to compete. Of course, Knox and Dutchtown were there, repping purple, and keeping the LAS faithful in the know. Killer post, Knox!

Cajun’s Corner: Fireside Chat With Nick Rocco

5 - Published March 12, 2010 by in High School

Knox chats with a U19 Team USA player from Mississippi about high school lax down south and his college plans.

Cajun’s Corner – Big News, Big Weekend

12 - Published February 12, 2010 by in High School

Big news in the back woods lax world, followed by an interview.