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Traditional Thursday: Woodie New Pocket

0 - Published January 16, 2014 by in Gear, Traditional

Lee Southren hooked me up with an old box lacrosse stick from the Mohawk Lacrosse Stick Manufacturing Company and since the pocket was a little beat up, I took it out and threw a brand new traditional pocket in there. It came out beautifully, and when I played wall ball with it yesterday.

Ice Box: Lacrosse Heads You’ve Never Heard Of

5 - Published December 8, 2010 by in Gear

The big lax manufactures may put new lacrosse heads out every year, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the little guys out there! This Ice Box features lacrosse heads you’ve never heard of.

All Up In Your Traditional, Stringing Your Sticks

7 - Published November 11, 2010 by in Gear, Stringing, Traditional

Traditional stringing makes me happy. It’s so good I did it twice.

Tuesday Lacrosse Drop

5 - Published November 9, 2010 by in Gear, International, Training

Great video, stringing and getting strong. It’s all inside. Come and get some!

Required Reading – “Travis Solomon: His Stick Was The Measure Of The Man”

4 - Published October 18, 2010 by in The Life

A great article in the Syracuse Post-Standard about the rich life of Travis Solomon. Required reading for the week.