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First Annual GTG Award Winner Announced!

9 - Published January 31, 2012 by in Game Grower Spotlight, Grow The Game

We received a TON of nominations for our first annual Grow The Game Award and after much deliberation, we have selected our inaugural winner! GTG!

Kentucky Stickhorses box lacrosse NALL Porter McKay

KYLAX: Kentucky Stickhorses Box Lacrosse, Game 1

0 - Published January 26, 2012 by in Grow The Game, Pro Lacrosse

Muamer Razic stops by with a recap of the first NALL game ever! We’ve got some photos, some video and a GREAT interview with Head Coach Pete Schroeder. Kentucky is loving its box lacrosse!

Kentucky Stickhorses box lacrosse

KYLAX: Kentucky Stickhorses Black vs. White Scrimmage

3 - Published January 18, 2012 by in General, Pro Lacrosse

Anthony Kelly, Hamilton Nationals helmet, PURPLE SHOES?! Muamer Razic can not wait to go see the first Kentucky Stickhorses game of the season. He’s ready for Kentucky box lacrosse to explode!

max seibald denver outlaws swim move

Youth Vs. Experience In Lacrosse

0 - Published November 4, 2011 by in College, Pro Lacrosse, Youth

Muamer Razic is back on LAS with a think piece on veterans vs youngsters, and which direction he would go in picking a team. He also looks at some of the young and old in the MLL!

True Temper Lacrosse logo

Meet The Guys Behind Your Shaft: True Temper Lacrosse

1 - Published September 8, 2011 by in Gear, Interviews

Muamer Razic interviews the guys from True Temper Lacrosse and he sheds some great light on how the shaft industry truly work, and what a big part True Temper plays. Great information and insight!

PrimeTime Lacrosse Power Penguin suit

Get To Know The PrimeTime Lacrosse Penguins

0 - Published September 2, 2011 by in Gear, High School, Interviews, Training, Youth

Muamer Razic is back with a great interview of PrimeTime Lacrosse. PTL was started by a couple of Babson College lacrosse players and they have really been growing like crazy lately. Plus they have scholarships for kids who can’t afford to play. Grow The Game!

Would You Like To Learn How To String Traditional Lacrosse Pockets?

1 - Published September 1, 2011 by in Gear, Interviews, Stringing, Traditional

For those who learn visually, Muamer Razic has a fantastic source for learning to string traditional pockets! Weston from Colorado details how to string up sick traditional lacrosse pockets and shows off one of his creations in a NEW Under Armour head.

C-12 Lacrosse shaft LAS style

Fireside Chat With C-12 Lacrosse – Let’s Talk Carbon Fiber!

7 - Published June 17, 2011 by in Gear, Interviews

Connor Wilson and Muamer Razic sit down with some of the guys from C-12 lacrosse, manufacturers of the finest carbon fiber shafts in the game! We can say that because we’ve tried them out… and they’re legit! Read on for a ton more info on the future of lacrosse shafts!

Kentucky Lacrosse: A Story Of Champions

8 - Published May 24, 2011 by in High School

Muamer Razic is back with a FULLY comprehensive run down on the Kentucky High School Lacrosse Championships. Muamer covers D1-D3 for KYLax and this shows just how much the Game is Growing!!!

Kentucky Lax: Meet Pete Schroeder

0 - Published May 12, 2011 by in High School, Interviews

The Trinity Shamrocks have been regarded as the “gold standard” of lacrosse in Kentucky. They won 4 consecutive state titles from 2004-2007. This season the Shamrocks are 13-0; coming off of a big rivalry win against St. Xavier. Pete Schroeder is their lacrosse coach, and Muamer Razic sits down to interview him.

Kentucky Lax: Interview with Trent Norris and Connor Donley

1 - Published May 4, 2011 by in High School, Interviews

Muamer Razic sits down with two of his friends from High School Lacrosse in Kentucky and they paint a great picture of where that state is at for lacrosse. Huge strides have been made, and Muamer is Growing the Game in Kentucky!!!

football on espn tv

Open Letter To ESPN: Lacrosse Is Better Than Cheerleading

15 - Published April 20, 2011 by in The Life

Muamer Razic is NOT happy with some of the recent broadcasting selections the leader in sports has made lately.

Fireside Chat With Chazz Woodson: Respect the Game!

11 - Published April 13, 2011 by in Grow The Game, Interviews

Muamer Razic got the chance to sit down with Chazz Woodson, laxer extraordinaire, and Chazz filled him in on everything he’s been up to in the lacrosse world. And it’s a LOT! Chazz is a busy guy juggling playing coaching and more. Great read!

Open Letter To Ralphy: Politics And Sports Should Never Mix

1 - Published March 30, 2011 by in The Life

Welcome Muamer Razic back to LaxAllStars! Muamer has some interesting thoughts on politics, college sports, scholarships and more. Check it out and let us know how you feel in the comments section!

The Magic of the Woozles

7 - Published March 24, 2011 by in Club, Gear, High School

Welcome Muamer Razic back to LAS! Muamer is growing the game out in Bowling Green, Kentucky and he’s had a special experience in some of our Woozles gear. Preach on, preacher!

Lupe Fiasco Lasers lacrosse music monday

Music Monday: Hosted by Muamer Razic

2 - Published February 14, 2011 by in The Life

Editor’s note: Please welcome Muamer Razic to Music Monday! You guys all know Muamer because he’s a Certified Game Grower in the State of Kentucky. He’s shared some great stuff on LAS in the past, and now he’s on deck to share his favorite tunes! Interested in hosting next week’s Music Monday? Drop us a […]

Fireside Chat with Josh “Chewy” Acut and Ismael Sanchez

3 - Published December 29, 2010 by in High School, Interviews

One of the LAS contributors from Kentucky interviews another from Texas. Both are trying to grow the game of lacrosse. You can feel the passion from these guys… and the persistence! Those are the keys to success!!

Growing The Game: Everyone Deserves A Chance To Play

7 - Published December 17, 2010 by in High School

We’re back with more lacrosse news out of Bowling Green, Kentucky! Muamer Razic tells it like it is and asks that everyone get more involved in their local communities. We think he makes some great points!