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Mythbusters: Lacrosse Curve Ball Shot

0 - Published December 19, 2013 by in Technology, The Life

Welcome back to another installment of LaxAllStars’ Lacrosse Mythbusters! We look at interesting or confounding questions within lacrosse, talk to experts, and try to provide some clarity. In the past, we’ve asked if eye black really works, and found it does. We also wondered if traditional pockets were heavier than mesh pockets. Now we’re back and curious about the concept of the curve ball lacrosse shot!


Mythbusters: Lacrosse Eye Black IS Function!

1 - Published November 8, 2011 by in The Life

A couple of weeks ago we asked if eye black really works. Well, it turns out that it does really work, and we have a scientist to prove it! Dr. Brian M DeBroff walks us through the science, and history, of eye black!

Mikey Powell lacrosse red eye black LXM

Mythbusters: Eye Black – Fashion Or Function?

10 - Published October 20, 2011 by in The Life

Does eye black really work? The Mythbusters on TV tried this one out, but we’re not sure they did it right. How does eye black really work? Is it all about fashion? Jerry Seinfeld needs to know, What’s the deal with eye black?


Mythbusters: Lacrosse Edition

17 - Published April 8, 2011 by in Gear

After stringing up a traditional lacrosse pocket in a Gait Torque, I was chastised for putting such a “heavy” pocket in such a light stick. Is traditional really heavy? This question needs to be settled. We’re bringing in our own Mythbuster, Connor Wilson.