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Spotted: New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answer

0 - Published January 28, 2014 by in The Life

The New York Times crossword puzzle is a daily activity for some, and the paper is read by people online all over the world – so when something is in it, there is a good chance a lot of people see it. Good thing that “lacrosse ball” was the answer to 61 down clue “It’s caught by a stick on a field” back on December 1st, 2013, and that reader Leslie spotted it!

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Hot Pot: Race Will Always Be An Issue

0 - Published May 29, 2013 by in Hot Pot

Race is still an issue in lacrosse, and it always has been. But then again, race is still an issue in the US (and the world), so how could it NOT still be an issue in lacrosse?

Michigan men's lacrosse

NY Times: Michigan Club Team’s Transition to the Big Time

1 - Published February 12, 2012 by in College, NCAA

Two articles were were published about the University of Michigan men’s lacrosse team in the New York Times this weekend. If you’re a college lacrosse fan interested in the future expansion of our sport, both are worth reading!

Blast From The Past

4 - Published October 26, 2009 by in The Life

What better way to start the week than dissecting a 110 year old newspaper clipping. Canada vs the US all the way back in 1900 complete with exciting early 20th century commentary!