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Ranking High School Lacrosse Teams: Why?

0 - Published February 28, 2014 by in High School

There are a couple of polls out there that attempt to rank the Top 20 or Top 25 US high school lacrosse teams, and when you look at it as an extension of the NCAA Top 20 polls, it seems to make some initial sense, but when you look a little deeper, the rationale begins to fall apart pretty quickly. Why do we rank high school lacrosse teams nationally in ONE ranking system? Heck, why do we even rank them at all?


NJCAA Preseason Rankings And Players To Watch

4 - Published January 3, 2013 by in College, NJCAA

Lacrosse Magazine has released its Preseason NJCAA Top 5. We add on 5 more schools and provide you with SIX truly excellent JuCo players to watch in 2013!

Devious Video Recap: The Argument Against Hopkins

5 - Published May 10, 2010 by in College, NCAA

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Devious Video Recap with a passionate plea from Kyle Devitte. The NCAA tourney is right around the corner and Kyle has something to get off his chest.

Daily Cheese: Caption Contest!

17 - Published May 4, 2010 by in College, Site News

Caption contest: Drop your caption in the comments section. Winner receives some free LAS swag. Plus news & notes as always.

The Lax’s Weekly D2 Roundup: Conference Tournament Edition

9 - Published April 29, 2010 by in College, MCLA

The Lax checks in with all his MCLA Division 2 projections. Big weekend ahead!

Daily Cheese: Total Fake Out

3 - Published April 27, 2010 by in College

Sneaky video highlights, plus news & notes as always.

Daily Cheese: Hit Parade

1 - Published April 20, 2010 by in College

Big hits highlight video, Penn State vs. Hofstra footage, plus news and notes as always.

Daily Cheese: Vermont vs. UAlbany

3 - Published April 13, 2010 by in College

Highlights from UAlbany vs. Vermont. Plus news & notes as always.

Daily Cheese: Yale, Detroit-Mercy And Nestor

10 - Published April 6, 2010 by in College

Highlights from Saturday’s Yale vs. Detroit-Mercy. Plus news & notes as always.

Daily Cheese: Deerfield Academy vs. Brunswick

7 - Published March 30, 2010 by in High School

Deerfield Academy vs. Brunswick game highlights. Plus news & notes as always.

Daily Cheese: Red Storm Black Out Night

1 - Published March 23, 2010 by in College

Tonight is “Black Out Night” at DaSilva Memorial Field in Queens, NY for the St. John’s vs. Hofstra game. Plus news & notes.