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Unclaimed 2014 Face Off Specialist

0 - Published August 15, 2013 by in High School

JP Masaryk is a rising senior (2014) from Fairfield Prep in Fairfield, CT and surprisingly, this Face Off prospect hasn’t committed anywhere yet. Late bloomer in the house? Perhaps! Check out the video of JP below, and tell me this kid doesn’t have some potential!

LIVE Hangout: Recruiting And Travel Teams

0 - Published August 5, 2013 by in High School

Today, at NOON ET, LaxAllStars will be hosting a LIVE Google Hangout on the subject of Recruiting, Elite Teams, and Travel Lacrosse! Our knowledgeable guests will include Trevor Tierney (of Tier Lacrosse), Xander Ritz (of Adrenaline Lacrosse), and Lee Southren (the founder of the NJ Riot).

Love THIS Kid’s Game Too: Derek Andrews

0 - Published August 1, 2013 by in High School

Connor Wilson has found another diamond in the rough high school lacrosse recruit. Derek Andrews is a 2014 that can ball. It’s backhand box goal city!

Lacrosse Video Explosion: Recruiting Camps and Tournaments

0 - Published July 23, 2013 by in High School, Videos

If you’re interested in checking out a ton of high quality, recruitable talent today, look no further than The Lacrosse Network, as they are broadcasting a ton of games from the Stowe Lax Fest, put on by Bitter Lacrosse, in Stowe, VT. Honestly, I don’t think HS club lacrosse has ever been covered like this before. It is truly next level stuff!

Recruiting Is Dangerous: Kevin Warne Gets Run Over

0 - Published June 21, 2013 by in High School, NCAA

College coaches hit the recruiting trail hard over the Summer, especially in June and July. They line the side of fields in their fold out chairs across the country, and scout talent, and look for future players. When the action gets close, they get a great view, but also run the risk of getting trucked.

Adrenaline Black Card Showcase

Three Athletes With Adrenaline: 2013 Black Card Showcase

0 - Published June 19, 2013 by in High School

Photo credit: Adrln Blog Last week, our friends at Adrenaline, an LAS partner, hosted the 2013 Black Card Showcase in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In it’s second year, the Black Card event featured 175 high school boys lacrosse players who are counted amongst the top one percent of uncommitted aspiring collegiate athletes in North America. From what I’ve gathered […]

Lax All Summer: NJ Riot Lacrosse Blog

0 - Published June 14, 2013 by in High School

This Summer, LAS will be following around the NJ Riot 2016 club team, and by following them, we will try to gain some insight into the elite travel team scene. We will interview some players, and talk to parents, but let’s start from the beginning with an interview with the NJ Riot founder, Lee Southren…

Idaho Lacrosse

Rate Univ. of Idaho’s New Recruiting Video

0 - Published May 23, 2013 by in College, MCLA

The University of Idaho men’s lacrosse team recently released a new recruiting video that sheds a nice light on the MCLA program up north in Moscow, Idaho. Take a few minutes to watch it, assessing the highlights you see and listening to the comments from Colton Raichl, the club’s president. If you’re a high school junior […]

NJ Riot 2016: Winter Update

0 - Published February 28, 2013 by in High School

Over the next three years we’ll be following the NJ Riot 2016 club team. We’re interested to see how this one-off (at least for now) program can maneuver the club/travel team circuit, where their players end up, and any best practices that they learn during the course of their time together. Hopefully, these posts will […]

Lacrosse, Recruiting, And Convention: Forging Ahead

1 - Published February 8, 2013 by in The Life

Please welcome Spike Malangone and to LAS! Spike will be covering recruiting, high school and college lacrosse, and a number of other aspects surrounding the game.


NCAA Recruiting Changes: The Good, The Bad, And Lacrosse

0 - Published December 27, 2012 by in College, NCAA

The NCAA is proposing changes to the recruiting rules, so here are the three Rs of the issue: Recruiting, Reality and (de)Regulation. What does it mean for lacrosse?

Tufts Stevenson Lacrosse

Hot Pot: D3 Vs. MCLA Vs. D1 Rant

10 - Published December 5, 2012 by in College

Can one level of college lacrosse inherently be better than another level of lacrosse based on a $5,000 difference? Or is it more complex than that?

US Lacrosse Issues Statement About Collegiate Recruiting

3 - Published October 18, 2012 by in College, High School

Sport’s national governing body to work with coaches to educate prospects, parents.


Early Recruiting Hypocrisy And College Lacrosse

11 - Published August 22, 2012 by in College, NCAA

There is so much fence-sitting when it comes to early recruiting in college lacrosse. Few want to stand up and make an honest, convincing argument on either side… until now!

There was some excellent goalie play.

Deep Thoughts: Maverik Showtime

0 - Published July 16, 2012 by in College, High School

Connor Wilson goes deep on the subject of recruiting in college lacrosse. Showtime was GREAT this year. So what does Maverik Showtime do right? How can they stay on top? And what does the future hold?