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Reebok Shuts Down Lacrosse Equipment Business

It’s Official: Reebok Drops Lacrosse, Other Team Sports

6 - Published May 10, 2013 by in Gear

We’ve been hearing whispers for a while now, and then we heard some not so quiet noise, and now we’ve confirmed it: Reebok is dropping team sports from their focus, and this means lacrosse at RBK is going the way of the dodo. In other words, Reebok is done with lacrosse.

Crosse Clicks: Pure Goodness

0 - Published January 14, 2013 by in International, Pro Lacrosse

Welcome to another great edition of Crosse Clicks! We find the best links, video, photos, and news and cram it all into one post. On Wednesdays we cover the college game, on Mondays we hit up everything else!

College Sports Are The Current Advertising Mecca

4 - Published September 8, 2011 by in College, Gear

Top flight college athletics teams are now the advertising mecca for sports equipment manufacturers. It’s cheap, easy and gets you tons of exposure. But does it really help the teams? Will it work in Lacrosse? Is it fair to the students?

Lacrosse Steroids

Hot Pot Of Lax: Do Lacrosse Players Dope?

3 - Published January 7, 2011 by in Hot Pot

Do lacrosse players use performance enhancing drugs? Simple question, complicated answer. Plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

Thirsty Thursday Lacrosse Drop

7 - Published November 18, 2010 by in College, Gear, Pro Lacrosse

More Lacrosse Drop means more uniforms suggestions, inspiring stories, stick stringing, lacrosse photos and video, commentary, links and awesomeness. Get low. GBs are right around the corner.

Back To The Future 2: More Lacrosse Gear

2 - Published November 5, 2010 by in College, Gear, International

I’m not the only one with new gear ideas. See what else is floating around out there in people’s heads!

NEW Lacrosse Stuff

1 - Published November 4, 2010 by in Gear, The Life

Fresh new gear. All the time. It’s the lax life, no doubt.

Wilson’s Wheelhouse: Let Me Dope You

9 - Published September 29, 2010 by in Gear

The fall is the best time for lacrosse companies to experiment and get their product all set for the upcoming indoor and spring outdoor seasons. If this reads like a NY Times trends piece, I apologize.

LAS/412 Gear Review: Reebok 10K Arm Protection

2 - Published September 20, 2010 by in Gear

Reebok sent over some more 2011 gear for LAS to check out and review. Connor Wilson gives his take on how things are shaping up out of Canton, MA. So far, it’s looking good!

Daily Cheese: So Many Lax Links Your Eyes Will Water

0 - Published September 20, 2010 by in College

Lacrosse news & notes. It really doesn’t get much better.

Reader Craftsmanship: Torque Dye Job, Reebok String Job

4 - Published August 20, 2010 by in Gear

While we love to share our own dye and string jobs here at LAS, we find it even more fun to share submissions from readers! It’s always nice to open up the laptop and see sick photos from readers all lacrosse the world!

Treasure Hunt: Connor Wilson’s Booty

11 - Published June 15, 2010 by in College, Gear

Wilson fills us in on all swag he’s on the hunt for this summer. Gear, threads, eye wear… Gotta look good to play good, right?

2010 Gear Review: Reebok 6K, Nike Legacy, & Brine Clutch X

6 - Published April 7, 2010 by in Gear

We carry on with the LAS/412 Gear Review series and get Connor Wilson to test drive heads from Reebok, Nike, and Brine.

And THAT Is What Grinds My Gears, Tom

13 - Published December 17, 2009 by in Gear, International, Pro Lacrosse

When someone is paid to pimp a product, can you really trust them? Wouldn’t an honest review be more convincing? The answers after the jump…

Top Sports Brands Want Lax Domination

19 - Published August 26, 2009 by in Gear, High School, Pro Lacrosse

The big three, Adidas, Nike and Reebok, are all getting into the lax game at a rapid pace. What strategies are they using to try to dominate the market?