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Music Monday: Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage #32

1 - Published July 18, 2011 by in Lifestyle

Shut the door, turn up the volume, and hunker down inside the Sonic Garage. This week Coyler has a quiz that is sure to test your music knowledge and research skills. Think you’ll pass the test? The winner gets custom Radio Zarape swag that YOU get to help design.

Radio Zarape_SirCoyler Ep 28

Introducing Radio Zarape

7 - Published May 2, 2011 by in Lifestyle

Exciting news! LaxAllStars has teamed up with an elite band of musical geniuses, collectively known as Radio Zarape, to bring you a full length podcast every Monday. In our first featured episode you’re invited to jam in Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage.