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Former MCLA All-American Developing First Ever Alkaline Sports Drink

0 - Published September 28, 2013 by in Nutrition

Recently, Alex Schmotter reached out to us to tell us about pHenOH 7.4, the world’s first alkaline sports drink, and its Indiegogo campaign. Schmotter, the founder and CEO of Phenoh, Inc., played four years of lacrosse at Cal Poly and was named a 2011 2nd-Team All-American.

Gear Showcase: ROAR Sports Drinks

0 - Published May 7, 2013 by in Reviews

ROAR Sports Drinks are based out of Long Island, and the company focuses on a newer, more extreme sport community, of which lacrosse is a part. Kids all over Long Island, New York, and the Northeast have been giving ROAR a shot, so we figured we should too! Plus they sent us 12 bottles of product to try out… how could we not?