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One Slippery Game of Box Lacrosse

0 - Published December 23, 2013 by in Box, Club

ULax’s NYC box lacrosse league is going strong throughout the Winter, and we played this past weekend even though the sport court floor we use was just a little wet and slippery. Lots of guys fell over (as in everyone fell at least once), we got the games in, and had some fun. Now you get to see us slip and fall all over the place, because why not?

Rabil, Queener, Seibald: Wimmer Stick Tricks

0 - Published October 10, 2013 by in Club, Pro Lacrosse, Stick Tricks, The Life

One of the Japanese attendees of last year’s Hawai’i Tournament caught the Wimmer boys “warming up” for an early round game. Paul Rabil, Max Seibald, Brett Queener, and a bunch of other pros are messing around, throwing some tricks, and proving their full belief in the “sun’s out, guns out” mentality.

Traditional Thursday: Wooden Stick Tricks

0 - Published September 19, 2013 by in Stick Tricks, The Life, Training

I’m back at it with Stick Tricks in the Basement, and while I haven’t added many new tricks, I am now pulling them off with a wooden box lacrosse stick. The woodie makes these tricks much harder. Thankfully, the location is still pretty killer. It slightly makes up for my average display of wizardry.

colton raichl

Stick Trick Saturday: Picture Taker

0 - Published September 7, 2013 by in Stick Tricks

Saturday means stick tricks… and this week it’s the Picture Taker. Soft hands, knowing where the ball is, and control… this trick requires it all. Give it a shot and take your game to the next level.

Stick Trick Saturday: NEW Matt Gibson Video

0 - Published August 3, 2013 by in Stick Tricks, Training, Videos

Week number two of Stick Trick Saturday is upon us. This week Colton was in Coeur D’Alane, Idaho on vacation, but that won’t stop him from fooling around with a lacrosse stick. Plus there’s a new Matt Gibson video out. How is that not exciting?

Dear Baseball: You Need Better Tricks

0 - Published July 30, 2013 by in The Life

Is hitting a baseball REALLY that hard? Some MLB guys struggle with basic tricks that a 15 year old lacrosse player could pull off. What’s up with that?!?!

Tricks in the Park, Volume 3 - The Typewriter

Tricks in the Park, Volume 3

1 - Published October 11, 2012 by in Stick Tricks, The Life, Training

Easton’s Matt Gibson, Mike Powell and Henry Fitzpatrick return with Volume 3 of Tricks in the Park.

Matt Gibson Stick Tricks

Tricks in the Park, Volume 4

0 - Published October 10, 2012 by in Stick Tricks, The Life, Training

The Easton Lacrosse guys had a few minutes of free time during the Grow The Game Tour, so they decided to show off some of the stick tricks they brainstormed while on the road with the Dutchie. Enjoy.

matt_gibson easton lacrosse

Insane 30 Second Stick Trick Video

0 - Published September 28, 2012 by in Stick Tricks, Training

Our socks were blown off by some of the stick tricks we saw in Denver, and we have the feeling it’s going to get better from here. The Grow The Game continues… with extreme levels of SKILL!

Brett Queener: How To Score Off a Fake Shot

0 - Published September 18, 2012 by in Grow The Game, GTG Tour

Brett lays down the basics of Scoring Off of a Fake Shot at the Denver City Lax Grow The Game Tour clinic, and then puts on a brilliant display of stick skills and scoring panache!


Grow The Game Tour Visits Denver City Lax

1 - Published September 12, 2012 by in Grow The Game, GTG Tour

Denver, Colorado marked the first stop on the Grow The Game Tour and it went off without a hitch! Denver City Lax, Easton Lacrosse and LaxAllStars teamed up for a free clinic and you could SEE the game grow!

Mike Powell LXM PRO

5 Trick Shots To Practice This Summer

3 - Published June 19, 2012 by in Stick Tricks, Training

Connor Wilson delivers five great trick shots for you to master this summer. What are your favorite trick shots to practice?

Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Bend, Day 3

1 - Published July 29, 2011 by in High School

Day 3 of Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Bend, in the books. Humpday was nothing for these campers. They came ready to learn and have some fun!

Summer Is THE Time To Get Better At Lacrosse!

2 - Published June 29, 2011 by in College, High School, Training, Youth

It’s Summer. Also known as Lacrosse Time. What are you doing to get better? A little bit? Nothing?!?!?! No way! You can do it. We just have to be creative sometimes to get our lax time in!

Hot Pot Of Lax: When The Groom Is A Lax Bro…

9 - Published December 29, 2010 by in Hot Pot

Hope you’re ready to chug that hot pot of coffee. Lax links and more after the jump!