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Daily Cheese: Stony Brook Makes ESPN Top 10 Plays

5 - Published May 19, 2010 by in College

The Stony Brook and Denver men’s lacrosse teams make ESPN’s Top 10 Plays TWICE in 1 night. HS D-pole gets hits winner. Plus news & notes as always.

Daily Cheese: We Love Tribe7Lax

3 - Published January 12, 2010 by in Gear

“Wahhowww, first of all I’d like to apologize to all the goalies and defensemen of the world. This is a problem.”

The Brew Tube: Stone Brewing Co’s Arrogant Bastard Ale

2 - Published October 21, 2009 by in The Life

W1LFD1RE is back with another beer to enjoy along with some tasty lax tricks videos sure to boggle your mind. Gather the family, flip on the Brew Tube and see what we have cookin’ for you in this weeks edition.

Ah Yes, The Ol’ Turn The Ball Into A Flaming Dragon Trick

0 - Published July 22, 2009 by in Club

I have no idea what the context of these scenes are, but judging by the end credits I’m ready to give this Japanese flick a number of academy awards.  Turning the ball in to bugs bunny on his way to Albuquerque?  A between the legs flying Gait? Jumping out of a freaking helicopter?  This begs the question, how on earth did we beat Japan in the IFWLA?

Stick Trick Gold Standard

0 - Published April 14, 2009 by in Stick Tricks, The Life, Training

Hey LaxNation, looking for a the stick trick version of a platonic ideal?  Here it is, in the form of Clay Martin out of Ohio University.  (Music NSFW)

LAS Video of the Week: Shweetlax16′s “Shweet Lax Tricks”

2 - Published February 1, 2009 by in The Life, Training

This is the best lacrosse tricks video I’ve seen in a while.  It was posted on Friday by Shweetlax16.  I don’t know how old he is and I don’t know the name of the song playing in the background.  All I know is this kid is a Redskins fan and he’s got moves.