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Traditional Thursday: The Eagle’s Nest Pocket

6 - Published January 10, 2013 by in Gear, Stringing, Traditional

#TraditionalThursdays are back, and we’re featuring a two-leather pocket called the Eagle’s Nest. It almost looks like Monster Mesh, but it’s cross lace and leather.

Traditional Thursdays: String It Up

0 - Published December 13, 2012 by in Gear

Welcome back to #TraditionalThursdays, where we show off some perfect looking traditional sticks. It’s a different stick, and a different stringer each week.

LI Squids Lacrosse

The Pride of Strong Island: The Long Island Squids! 2011 Salt Shakerz Invitational

0 - Published June 10, 2011 by in Club, Gear, Interviews

The Salt Shakerz are back with another NYC Tournament Team Preview! This time it’s the Long Island Squids that get the fifth degree, and they respond with vigor. June 25th in NYC… it’s only a couple weeks away!

Late Night On Lax All Stars

7 - Published December 29, 2010 by in Gear

Its later in the evening but I’m still thinking lacrosse. Since I didn’t get any suggestions on our facebook page that would require less than 30,000 words (Thanks for trying Sam! That could be a book!), I went with pictures of 412 playing lax in college and some traditional stringing. Standard.