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Being A Collegiate Student-Athlete

3 - Published April 5, 2013 by in College, The Life

Jeffrey Melnik has seen it all. He plays box with us over the Winter in NYC, plays field in college currently (for NCAA D3 SUNYIT), served in the Air Force, runs Conquest Imagery, and is an all around superb person. His first post covers what it is really like to be a student-athlete. It’s a GREAT read!

Memorial_Stadium_medium Nebraska

Oh My Sports God, You Need To Read This!

6 - Published September 16, 2011 by in College, Pro Lacrosse

We’ve had articles on Should College Athletes Get Paid, and how College Is the Current Advertising Mecca and some argued against us pretty strongly. Well read this, and then argue. This is a GREAT article about sports, business, education and life.

The Rose Bowl - Ducks vs. Buckeyes

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

41 - Published February 15, 2011 by in College, NCAA

Should big time College Athletes get paid? They bring in a ton of revenue for their schools, are famous, get talked about on ESPN ad nauseum and usually don’t have to pay for school. Seems like they are Pros already. This needs to be addressed! This aggression will not stand, man!