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Southland Lax in Tahoe

Photo of the Week: Southland in Tahoe

0 - Published July 23, 2013 by in Club

On my trip to the Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, I just had to snap a picture featuring Southland Lax. Check it out in this week’s POTW!


Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Aftermath!

4 - Published July 22, 2012 by in Club

Tahoe is done! We’ll be back with more, especially game photos, later this week. For now, enjoy some parting shots. Only 362 until 2013.


Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Day 3

0 - Published July 22, 2012 by in Club

Day THREE of the Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is about to kick off! It’s the Final day of the tournament, Champions will be decided and there is a lot more lacrosse to be played!


Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Day 2

0 - Published July 21, 2012 by in Club

The Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is a HUGE 3 day lacrosse affair, and while Friday kicks things off nicely, SATURDAY is really what all the hubbub is about!

laxallstars in tahoe

It’s Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament Time!

2 - Published July 20, 2012 by in Club

LaxAllStars is at Lake Tahoe for the weekend! The Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is happening NOW and LAS is there in its full glory! Check out our uniforms, our digs, and get a feel for beautiful Lake Tahoe, NV!

Lax All Summer with!

4 - Published June 28, 2012 by in Club, Site News

Check out the LAS Summer Tournament Schedule and consider joining us in Tahoe, McCall or Southampton!

The Summer of Lax

7 - Published August 24, 2011 by in College, High School

This summer I was able to take a journey around the West coast on par with that of Che’s journey through South America. Well… maybe not, but it was still an incredible experience of lax, laughs and loads of fun with some of the coolest guys lacrosse has to offer.

Woozles team shot lax lacrosse lake tahoe

My Weekend With The Woozles

2 - Published August 5, 2011 by in Club

Andrew Butterfield, a rookie member of the Woozles Lacrosse Club, stops by to share thoughts from his experience at the 2011 Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.

Joe Eck Woozles lacrosse cradel big blue

Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Highlights: Woozles vs. Big Blue

4 - Published July 28, 2011 by in Club

For the Woozles final game, we took on Big Blue, a team with Sonoma State origins. As was usually the case, we won. A great highlight package showcasing Sunday Tahoe Lax at its finest.

Krieg Shaw of MCLAfan ripping it up!

MORE Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Scallywags and Bigfoot

0 - Published July 28, 2011 by in Club

The Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament action just keeps on coming! We’ve got photos of Bigfoot, 510 Gibbons, the Scallywags and more. We ALSO have video! Sweet, sweet lax highlights from the Lake!

Bigfoot Lacrosse 510 Gibbons Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament

EVEN MORE Lake Tahoe Tournament Saturday Lacrosse Action!

5 - Published July 27, 2011 by in Club

We didn’t JUST watch ourselves play for the Woozles. We also saw plenty of other lax action! We’ve got Bigfoot, Palo Alto, 510 Gibbons and the Tahoe Dawgs on camera. Watch it. Lake Tahoe Lacrosse at its finest.

Woozles Clif Bar Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament

Saturday Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Video: Woozles!

2 - Published July 27, 2011 by in Club

On Saturday, the Woozles took on Clif Bar in the Consolation bracket. This was a rematch of the top two teams in last year’s group (which the Woozles won), and it was another good game! Photos, links and video!

Wesleyan lax dudes

Goat Brie, Lake Tahoe Lacrosse, Heaven.

1 - Published July 27, 2011 by in Club, The Life

The common man subsists on pb & j at lax tourneys. Those who strive for the best sideline meals ever go the extra distance. Goat Brie on the sidelines of a Lake Tahoe lax game… believe it.

Woozles Dos Equis Tahoe Lacrosse tourney

Friday Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament Action

3 - Published July 26, 2011 by in Club, Gear

LAS has a Friday Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament Recap! We’ve got stories, scores, game info, photos and so much more! Stick around all week for more and more Tahoe Lax coverage! Woozles, ho!

Woozles 2011 Jerseys

Thirsty Thursday Tahoe Lacrosse Drop

8 - Published July 21, 2011 by in College, High School, Pro Lacrosse, Training

It’s Thursday and LAS has a very Woozley Tahoe feel to it. Plus there’s plenty of other awesome lax action at which to gander. Turf vs Grass, Paul Rabil technique, highlights, Con Bro wackiness, Rochester’s wins and Tahoe SUN!