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Fight Syracuse Stingers vs NYC Lax All Stars Box Photo credit: Larry Palumbo

Photo of the Week: A Face Full of Stingers

1 - Published February 26, 2013 by in The Life

This Photo of the Week comes to us from last Thursday’s game between Team LaxAllStars and the Syracuse Stingers.

The Lax Vegas Experience: Team LaxAllStars Elite

0 - Published November 15, 2012 by in Club

Last weekend I traveled with Team Lacrosse All Stars Elite to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2012 LVLS. While the Masters team would win, we would come up just short. Everyone though, would be guaranteed a unique experience.

Team Uniform

Official Uniforms of Team Now Available!

1 - Published October 17, 2012 by in Club, Gear

New to The Lacrosse Shop, now you can get your hands on the official uniform of Team as seen at the 2011 Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase and the 2012 Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.

Nick Widmer

The Tahoe Experience: Nick Widmer

0 - Published August 9, 2012 by in Club, College

Although the 2012 Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is over, the experience will live on forever. Nick Widmer, goalie for Team LAS, stops by to tell us all about his experience playing with the team.

Citylax Southampton Shootout Lacrosse Tournament 2011

Caption Contest – Warhawk Lacrosse!

20 - Published August 23, 2011 by in Club, College, High School

It’s caption contest time! We’re offering up a sweet Alpha Unit 79 Warhawk Lacrosse T-shirt to be the best comment on this lacrosse-heavy action photo. Make your voice heard and win!

Team Lax All Stars Brawl In McCall Lax Tournament

Team LAS @ The Brawl In McCall – On The Edge Of Glory

3 - Published August 11, 2011 by in Club

Jonny B cooked up something special for all you LAS readers. Get ready for an up-close look at his Brawl In McCall lacrosse tournament experience!

Team LAS at 2011 Brawl In McCall

Brawl In McCall Lacrosse Tournament Review

5 - Published August 9, 2011 by in Club

2011 Brawl In McCall Lacrosse Tournament review by LAS Co-Founder Jeff Brunelle. Sounds like Team LAS had a blast!

Brawl In McCall Caption Contest

Caption Contest!

68 - Published August 9, 2011 by in Site News

This crazy lacrosse photo needs an entertaining caption. Let’s Brawl! Winner announced 8/14.

LAS cascade cpx-r helmet lacrosse

UPDATED: Brawl In McCall Lacrosse Tournament Photo Blog

2 - Published August 6, 2011 by in Club

Reader updates are starting to come in from the Brawl in McCall! This Idaho lacrosse tournament is starting off hot and heavy! Big games, some solid night life and a pretty body of water make McCall super special!

2011 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament

LAS Takes On The Brawl In McCall

2 - Published August 6, 2011 by in Club, College, High School

Jeff Brunelle and the rest of the LAS lax team is out at the Brawl in McCall for their annual lacrosse tournament. It’s the best lacrosse tourney in Idaho, set in a great location, and full of Summer fun. Lax time!

WANTED: A Few Good Men for the Brawl in McCall!

3 - Published July 8, 2011 by in Club

Attention LAS Readers! We’ve got a sweet summer lax opportunity for you!!! Read on…