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Penn State Club Lacrosse Raises 57K at THON to Fight Cancer

2 - Published March 5, 2012 by in The Life, Words of Wisdom

Jimmy Ciccone is back with an update on the Penn State Lacrosse Club’s participation in THON, a Penn State event that raises money to fight pediatric cancer, and support families affected by the disease. They raised $10M total! The Lacrosse world, doing GREAT things!


Hot Pot Of Lax: Is This Really Penn State Lacrosse?

4 - Published February 22, 2011 by in College, Hot Pot, The Life

Ok, we lied. We said Jeff would be back on Tuesday for the Hot Pot, but now it’s Wednesday. It happens! In the meantime, Connor has found video of Penn State dancing and lots of lax links, so get your cup of joe and stick around the Hot Pot.