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NCAA Vs. MCLA: Chapman Tops Whittier 8-7

2 - Published April 13, 2012 by in College

Chapman beat Whittier 8-7 on Wednesday night in what was an AWESOME game! The Lacrosse Network was there to take it all in. Connor breaks down the highlights, and then goes on a Chapman Lax to D3 rant!

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Wednesday Lacrosse Games To Watch: NCAA vs. MCLA

2 - Published April 11, 2012 by in College, High School

Don’t let Wednesday College Lacrosse games pass you by! There is a ton of great lax action during the midweek days and Connor Wilson previews the best action and shows you where you can watch some of the games online!

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D3 Lacrosse Video Breakdown: Union Vs. Whittier via TLN

0 - Published March 23, 2012 by in College

The Union Vs. Whittier men’s college lacrosse game was a good one! Union won 11-7 and there were fancy goals and great saves for both teams. Connor Wilson breaks down the action and provides analysis of where both of these teams currently stand in NCAA D3 lax.

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Show LAS Your Old School: Whittier 1996

3 - Published November 17, 2011 by in College

This week’s Old School focuses on EVEN OLDER Whittier College Glory Days! Former player Geoff Ianiri tells us about the year that Whittier got serious! 1996 is a great vintage!

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Show LAS Your Old School: Whittier Poets

2 - Published November 3, 2011 by in College

This week’s Old School focuses on Whittier College’s Glory Days! Current Head Coach Brian Kelly tells some tales from his days as a player!

Comprehensive College Lacrosse Midweek Capri Pant Stories

3 - Published March 17, 2011 by in College

A lot of games have gone down in each and every division of college lacrosse this week. More in D3 than any other, but this post covers every game that mattered. If I missed one, let me know about it in the comments! I’m only one lacrosse-loving man!

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Connor Wilson’s D3 Lacrosse Report

9 - Published March 2, 2011 by in College

Division 3 NCAA Lacrosse is really getting going. Some teams have 4 games under their belts. Others have none. The action continues this week and we’ve already had a big, early upset. What will transpire next in the wacky world of DIII lax?!?!?!?!

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Ice Box: DVD

6 - Published February 9, 2011 by in Training

The Ice Box is back with a must have DVD for all the longsticks out there. Regardless of whether you play LSM or close D, you need an arsenal of checks. This DVD will give you the tools to build that arsenal. We’re talking basics like the poke check and we’re talking Kayak Ice Picks. It’s about to get takeaway nuclear.

Daily Cheese: Sacred Stick, Shooting On The Run

8 - Published August 19, 2010 by in College, International, The Life, Training

The newest trailer for Sacred Stick, a documentary on the history and culture of lacrosse. Plus news & notes as always.

Wilson’s Wheelhouse: Weekend Edition

3 - Published April 17, 2010 by in College

This weekend’s post includes Duke-Virginia, Army-Navy, Tufts-Conn College and Arizona-ASU. Arkansas is playing two games in one day. Now that’s something.

Fireside Chat With Andrew Swett, Whittier College

4 - Published November 25, 2009 by in College, Interviews, NCAA

For this installment of the Fireside Chat series we have another NCAA Division 3 chat right before Thanksgiving. This time we’re heading west to talk with Andrew Swett, a sophomore LSM for the Whittier Poets. Andrew gives the low down on life on the road, why he decided to be a Poet, and what tunes he’s currently bumping on his iPod.