#TBT – Inside The MLL – Episode 2, 2008


Inside The MLL made its debut in 2008, and LaxSchool has hooked us up with the second episode ever! They’re talking to Brian “Doc” Dougherty of the Philadelphia Barrage, and Kyle Harrison of the LA Riptide, and they’re also updating us on Week 1 results from 2008.

It’s #TBT time machine magic thanks to YouTube!

One might think that these old highlights would be irrelevant, but when you see guys like Kevin Leveille scoring goals 6 years ago, and then realize he’s still one of the top scorers in the league, it starts to feel pretty relevant. Casey Powell and John Grant Jr also get plenty of love. John Tucker was coaching the Riptide, and now he’s the head coach for Boston. Plenty of guys from back then are still going at it. Good to see and realize that the MLL is improving on player longevity!

I loved the interview with Kyle Harrison in particular. That portion of the show starts at the 5:20 mark, and it’s also cool to see how much Kyle has grown and changed since then, while his ethic and character have remained the same. He truly is a great rep for the sport of lacrosse.

Episode 2 – Inside The MLL

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When the MLL got going, it had a lot to prove to potential fans. First up, converting field lacrosse fans to the MLL brand. Then, trying to pull in non-lacrosse fans became a priority. A show like Inside The MLL tried to do just that, while also pulling in more lacrosse fans. It provides a great look into the world of MLL players, and it definitely made the league feel that much more professional.

Inside The MLL is still running strong today, and it occupies a spot on CBS Sports Network. As the league continues to grow, look for Inside The MLL to continue to help the league.