The First Cut Is The Deepest

6 - Published September 24, 2009 by in Pro Lacrosse
The Titans left NYC for Orlando and would also like their mix tapes back.

The Titans left NYC for Orlando and would also like their mix tapes back.

A recent article on New York Magazine’s online Sport Section chronicles the NLL’s Titans packing up town and heading to Orlando.  According to team sources they couldn’t afford the costs of rent in NYC (welcome to the club!):

New York’s National Lacrosse League team made it to last season’s Champion’s Cup, only to be defeated by the Calgary Roughnecks in some Canadian place called the Saddledome. Now they’ll be in the same spot where the ACC’s all-time leading scorer helps open Dunkin’ Donuts franchises.The Cardinals didn’t leave Glendale, Arizona, after their Super Bowl loss. The Tigers and Red Wings didn’t bolt Detroit after their recent World Series and Stanley Cup defeats. Elite teams don’t abandon even the most down-and-out cities.

We Lost Our Lacrosse Team. Yes, We Had One. [New York Magazine]

While comparing a NLL franchise to teams in the NHL, NFL, and MLB seems unfair for a league still trying to gain a toehold in many cities, this comparison was dead on:

…what miracles can be expected of a league whose logo looks like Boba Fett waving a Japanese flag?

So let me get this straight:






The resemblance is uncanny. Maybe this can help appeal to the Star Wars/ lacrosse crossover demo?  Ummmm…yeah the NLL really needs a new logo. But how indoor lax can’t make New York work is beyond me.  I was looking forward to checking out one of their games.

You  broke my heart New York Titans but I’ll try to love again.