The FOGO Head Thread

Forum Friday

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This week, I’ve stumbled upon something originally posted June 1st! Even though it’s a few months old, there have been various replies this week to the post, which itself has a very catchy ring to it. It’s the FOGO Head Thread.

captainkumkwatz posted the following:

So i guess since there isn’t a thread about this yet.. What are the face off heads that you guys use aside from the OG blade which I will probably never have the privilege of using which is good because I feel like I would break it way too easily as a really heavy clamper. In the past I have used a clutch x, Emperor X6(summer ball), Blade pro which is my current gamer, Tribe7 Ghost, and an OG Savage.

This thread is awesome, and five new comments rolled in this week. I can’t explain the resurgence, but I’m happy it happened because it let me find the thread! So what do you think? Do you love the classic Blade-type heads for facing off, or do you have an expected gamer for taking draws? Share your favorite face-off head on the FOGO Head Thread!