The Game Of The Future? AILA Clinic In New Jersey


Last week I took in a clinic in Ridgewood, NJ put on by the American Indoor Lacrosse Association. John Mouradian, General Manager of the Philadelphia Wings, was running the show, and youth through high school players were learning the concepts of box lacrosse, and how many of them can translate out onto the field.

These kids were learning real box lacrosse, with 4’x4′ cages and fully padded up goalies. The AILA crew was pushing the kids to change their biomechanics when it came to throwing, while encouraging them to be creative and to try new things. Mouradian’s coaching staff was excellent and passionate, always eager to help a kid learn the finer points, but John himself was something special.

Mouradian could be heard instructing kids in a very positive manner all day long. Constant calls of “play the ball” and “head up, look for the pass” rang out throughout the session, and kids who had no box experience before started to show a better understanding for the game.

It was a whirlwind day of instruction, drills, and scrimmaging. The kids had a great time at the clinic, and clearly learned a thing or two. I also enjoyed my time out there, and I loved the atmosphere. It was all about training, learning, and improving, and a clear focus was kept on having fun while still making things competitive. At the end of the day, that’s what makes great lacrosse players.

For more info on the AILA, check out their website! You can also find more information on the programs and services that the AILA offers HERE.