The GREAT Life: Enthusiasm, Part 2

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

The average temperature in Providence, RI on February 1st is 25 to 35 degrees, and “is rarely below 11.” And for four years, my teammates and I endured the wrath of the roof on February 1st. The sun had usually already set, if had decided to come out in the first place. It was always windy on the roof, way more than at ground level. And there was always rain, sleet, snow, some combination, or at the very least … large, icy snow banks to remind us that it had just recently rained, sleeted, or snowed. And every year, for four years, we embraced the awful conditions, took the field, and made the most of that day!

And that’s life! Enthusiasm is contagious.

When you surround yourself with enthusiastic people, it’s tough not to be the same. There were few things that were actually enjoyable about being outside practicing on those days other than being around a bunch of guys that were going through the same thing with me and doing our best to turn it into fun. A little enthusiasm for what you are doing will change your outlook on it. After all, you have choices. If you cannot be enthusiastic about what you are doing, it’s not worth doing it. Find a reason to be enthusiastic about what you’re doing, or do something else!

be easy
God bless.