The GREAT Life: Team First, Part 1

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good Monday evening!

It’s more than reasonable that we’re our own first priority day to day and moment to moment – especially those of us that are not married and have no kids. It’s natural.

Where do I have to be?
What do I have to do?
What am I going to eat?
Why can’t I…?
When can I…?
I wish I…
My car…
My hair…
I want to…
I need to…

That’s part of life. But it becomes unhealthy when we don’t make space in our day, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually to focus on something outside of ourselves.
The TEAM-first mentality, as it pertains to The GREAT Life, is another term for selflessness. It’s another way of saying, “It’s not about me.” It’s a conscious decision to make space in your day and in your mind for something or someone other than you.

We each have 1,440 minutes a day. How many minutes have you spend focused on your own life, your own needs, your own concerns? And how many minutes have you, or will you, spend thinking about, helping, or working to benefit somebody other than yourself? Life is a lot bigger than the here and now. We sell ourselves short when neglect our ability to reach beyond ourselves and to make time in our lives for other people.

Make time this week to do something that requires you putting somebody else’s needs, wants, or aspirations before your own!

Make it a GREAT week!
be easy
God bless.