The GREAT Life: Team First, Part 5

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Happy Friday!

The GREAT Life

T-eam first

This time last month, about a month ago, I decided to give you a sneak peek into my project. It’s also a sneak peek into what I believe are building blocks for success and happiness, both of which are terms relative to the person experiencing them. For me, personally, I will be happiest and will consider myself a real success when I (in some way shape or form) have been able to help as many or more people than the number of people that have helped me…. And it would be nice if I could make a living doing so, but I digress. That’s a goal, however, that defines success only as it pertains to me.

Your definition of happiness and success, may be drastically different than mine, however, I’m willing to bet that you will not reach that state of being, without having been grateful for the people and experiences (positive and less than positive) that have come your way along the journey. You will not reach that state of being without having shown respect for yourself, for the people you’ve encountered, for your craft – whatever it may be. You will not reach that state of being if you have not approached life, and your goal(s) with enthusiasm, and a positive attitude. You will not reach that state without having committed yourself to the idea that you control your own attitude, and that you were built to succeed. And you will not be happy or successful, if your primary focus all the time is yourself. If you think you will make it all alone, or you think you HAVE made it all alone, you are sadly mistaken. We are designed to rely on one another. And our goals, professionally, athletically, personally should reflect that.

The GREAT Life is not a cure all. It doesn’t guarantee a struggle or hurt free life. It doesn’t guarantee a stable bank account. It doesn’t guarantee too many things. But one thing I am convinced of, is that a conscious decision to live these pillars in your every day life, WILL make the tough times easier to deal with. It will strengthen your mental, spiritual, and emotional core. But just like strengthening your body, you’ve got to fully commit to it. It’s got to be something you strive to do. Eventually you will love to do it. And at some point, you will live to do it.

Choose to be GREAT, ladies and gents! You’ll be glad you did.

Make it a GREAT weekend!
be easy
God bless.