The Lowdown on Oregon Lacrosse


10 Minutes with Oregon’s Captains: New year, new team, big season. The Oregon captains open up about BYU, their young team, new coaches, pump up songs & Valentine’s Day.

#15 Jon Matusiefsky, #40 Will DeSiervo, #8 Cole “C-Murda” Magnuson, #23 Justin Blackmore

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  1. Chronic Hater,

    I hope you voted for McCain because he hates chronic too. The Oregon captains seem like they are excited to be building the ladder for the Ducks to climb again. I don’t understand how you can blatantly say "I hate the Oregon captains but they look clean." What do you mean by that comment? Like you have a crush on them, but they don’t like you or you got cut from their squad or something? Sounds like you have a bad case of being a 14 year old girl. Why don’t you realize that the Ducks are putting themselves back on the map and stop being a hater and support talent in the northwest. I don’t understand your funky love hate crush on the Ducks captains, but I’m sure they would love to know what you are wearing. ;)

  2. Chronic Hater,

    Your comments make me smile. I find it very entertaining when people use the word ‘hate’ so often. This points out an obvious fact about who you are as a person: You are very bitter about more than one thing in life, you haven’t had any contact with a female since your mother stopped feeding you via evaporated milk, and you most definitely never beat the Ducks in a game of lacrosse. The fact that you know who I am shows that you are totally jealous of Oregon lacrosse and have followed the Ducks over the years. Your negative attitude and outlook on life (shown through your liberal use of the word ‘hate’) needs to be checked or one day your mild case of the flu might flourish into a full blown case of SHINGLES.

    After further consideration of your comment "Todd, Earl, you are what’s wrong with Oregon Lacrosse," I have this to say: In 2007, Earl game the most fantastic pump up speeches; without those speeches I would have never learned to "Not sweat the petty things, but pet the sweaty things." If I had not learned that I would have never been a two year captain or hold All America honors. You cannot be a Duck, because like Earl said, "Ducks Fly Together." Stop embarrassing yourself, keep your jealousy and hatred of the Ducks in your dam, and buy some potato chips.


  3. laxfanman,

    Thanks for asking. The big chunk of readers range from the ages of 14 to 55, 70% are male and 30% female. With such a large age group full of people from all over the US and Canada, we run into all types of people – some of which thought tmoneylaxer24’s post was offensive.

    While we enjoyed reading his post (I personally found it quite hilarious), we’re at a point with LacrosseAllStars where we need to worry a little about the anonymous comments left on the site. In the short term, the solution is to edit anything we get negative feedback about. In the long term, a better commenting system will be installed on the site that will enable readers to have a personal nickname/profile. While the new system may require a quick email registration, it will allow readers to to interact at a higher level and we’re really excited to get this going. Look for it in mid-May.

    Our apologies for the edit. Again, just a short-term fix. Plus we tried to keep it comical! :) Thanks for checking out the site, and please feel free to shoot me an email if you want to get involved.

    – Striding Man

  4. Great news everyone! Our host, Squarespace, just announced integration of a new commenting platform called DISQUS. We’ll install it in the next couple of days! We had heard this wasn’t coming until May.

    This will add a ton of value to our commenting feature and even allow you to sign in with your Facebook profile. We’ll make an announcement when it’s up and running!

    – Striding Man