UPDATED: The Greyhounds’ New Clothes

Loyola Cornell Lacrosse lax NCAA 2010
Loyola will look good and play good in 2011.

In my mind, Loyola University down in Maryland can do no wrong when they stick with basic green uniforms and silver helmets or silver uniforms with green helmets.  Like Stevenson, it’s hard to go wrong with simple green and silver.  It just looks awesome.  Lucky them.

With Warrior as their equipment sponsor and Under Armour as their uniform supplier, Loyola has some different options.  As a 3rd jersey or alternate the Greyhounds could really get off the bus and go for a walk in the woods.  The helmet I’m proposing isn’t anything new but when you pair it with the uniform, it’s something different.  Also imagine the facemask is green.  Yeah, I said it.

Lots of Green. Add a nice big 'LU' on one side and a Greyhound logo on the other.
Hello left field.

All the black and white would be a bit of a change and that’s why I’m not proposing they wear something like this all the time.  Pull it out randomly, not for big games, and just have fun with it.  As was said earlier, traditional is for Memorial Day.  I like Loyola’s set up right now though.  We’ll see what they drop this Spring!

I know black isn’t a Loyola color, which is why both the above design and the below, would have to be alternate jerseys.  Silver jerseys and green helmets?  I’ll leave that up to Loyola and Under Armour.

A lot of black. Probably will never happen. Still, good 3rd jersey!
Go black, have some fun with it, then come back.

We’ll leave you with last year’s look.  The white helmet is ok, silver would be 10x better.

Green and white. Those are JETS colors. Weak.


      • We had silver helmets from 2002-2005. I was constantly lobbying for green helmets with a silver chin, which they had until last year.

        I don’t know if the new AD has changed the tune, but black hasn’t really looked upon as one of Loyola’s colors in the past. Loyola is a tradition-based school. Look for the return of Silver uniforms this spring. We had them through my Soph year (2001). Under Armour will do them right too, it’ll be sexy with their alt green helmets.