The Magic of the Woozles

Woozles gear
Not only are they magical, but they look awesome!

Exhibit A: Me.

I’ve got a Woozle lacrosse pinnie that has become my good luck charm.


Since I got this pinnie my life has changed (yeah that sounds pretty corny), but I’ve noticed that when I’m rocking the pinnie I feel amazing! Coincidence? I think not my good men!

HypothesesWoozles are magical and beneficial!

I conducted my own little experiment and didn’t rock the pinnie for a few days and I didn’t feel as awesome as I had rocking the pinnie. So, I put the pinnie back on and needless to say I feel better than I did before.


1. Woozles are magical!
2. Getting decked out in Woozle gear for a week would turn me into superman. Well at least a younger more “bro” version of him!

Yeah, I'd be "Superbro"!

If you’re not convinced yet, go out and get your hands on a Woozle sticker, tank, or any other product and witness it firsthand!


Nationwide's "world’s greatest spokesmen" has nothing on me!