The Mesh-Traditional Debate Rages On

Yellow waxed tip hockey laces make great shooting strings.

The debate rages on! If traditional is so much better than mesh, as most seem to agree, why don’t more people use it? No one seems to actually prefer mesh pockets but 99% of players use them. How can you explain this? People will do anything for an edge and I would not rule out the use of traditional from that number. We can’t be that lazy!

I’m a traditional enthusiast myself, although I have had numerous run-ins with mesh, some of them pretty good.  Our last Hot Pot of Lax covered this very topic briefly and the comments on the post were more interesting than almost any comment thread on the internet.  The comments on my very own facebook page were equally interesting.  So I’ve posted them below.  Maybe this will bring out the real mesh enthusiasts… because we know where the old guys stand now!  Also, someone needs to explain the first paragraph to me.  It just doesn’t make any sense…

traditional string conversation lacrosse lax mesh stringing custom
some talented stringers in this bunch!

Yeah, it’s true.  My brother is awesome.


  1. I switched from Traditional to Mesh when I couldn’t get the brown leather anymore, the dyed white leather has way to much give and I could never get the consistency I liked.

    That being said, I’ve had the same piece of mesh for over 15 years now, just keep changing heads. Granted I don’t play as often but STX started selling the same type mesh as Brine in the 90’s and haven’t been able to track down any of the old STX mesh to often. I spent some time trying to find old STX sticks just to see if they have the mesh I like.

    I played for Radford back in the 80’s and strung stick for many of my teammates.

  2. Nothing beats a well strung up leather. I recently went back to the traditional way after some time spent with 20mm Marc Mesh which I am told mimics the leather feel better then any other mesh out there and I would have to agree.