The Slapdown


As I was deleting some pictures from my work computer, I came across a couple of them that never saw the LAS light of day. The single pic that was the best of the bunch is relevant for so many reasons.

1) The photo features Kyle Devitte, aka @THEKyleDevitte, the most favoritest blogger of the MLL.
2) Kyle loves to lay a little slip-slapdown on people in his columns.
3) This is a picture of Kyle getting slip-slapped himself but in real life at Placid in 2010.
4) Kyle is going to be covering the Team USA-Harvard Scrimmage for Inside Lacrosse this weekend.
5) He dared to tell me to “watch out” via Twitter because his coverage was going to be so good.

Kyle gets crushed, but at least he has a neon stick!

Since his post is going to be awesome (they usually are), I thought we’d help spread the word a bit even though the content will be on IL.  As long as the game is growing we’re happy, and we’re not afraid to link to competitors within our community. This is just more proof of that.  Plus it was a good excuse to laugh at a 5’6″ attackman a little bit before he rips on other short attackmen.