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It’s been a long week and by the time Friday rolls around we here at LaxAllStars know that you’re lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. Enter The Spoon Feed.

Open up wide because we’re backing up a dump truck full of the most interesting crap the internet had to offer this week. Let’s kick it off with a nice little tribute to 8-bit video games, lego style:

Titled 8-Bit Trip, apparently this lego tribute took 1,500 hours to create. Gotta love the old school video game ninjas.

Cool, now check out Bekay’s “Brooklyn Bridge”, produced by DJ Babu (Dilated Peoples). The LAS Brooklyn Rap Aficiondo says Babu is real good.
This article in Rolling Stone reads like a real life comic book or movie. Tortured, pasty fat kid discovers he has an extraordinary power and uses it for evil (cue ominous music). “The kids…they called me Mr. Glass


He was a 14-year-old blind kid, angry and alone. Then he discovered that he possessed a strange and fearsome superpower — one that put him in the cross hairs of the FBI

Rolling Stone – The Boy Who Heard Too Much


Not that you are, but if you are… looking for a particularly long read about why newspapers are failing, here’s a good one: Part 1 and Part 2


Alright, now right into sports. We’re football-heavy today due to the fact that KyleMac, Craven and Brunelle have their FFL Draft Night this Sunday. The guys have been scanning the interwebs in hope of finding someone who can run over Rey Maualuga. He’s a mean man. Gotta love Hard Knocks.

But wait, where’s the Ochocinco coverage? He’s the best part of Hard Knocks, right? Child please. Kiss the baby. That’s one helluva locker, Esteban:

"This is the way you prepare for a game, in style!!!"
"This is the way you prepare for a game, in style!!!"


Quick clicks:

PTI Overtakes SportsCenter In Ratings, Revenue – Kornheiser and Wilbon may seem like your cranky Uncle’s arguing over dinner, but PTI is an institution. Check it out on iTunes podcasts if you can’t watch every day.

Did anyone see the Cowboys’ new setup? Rough roof… if you’re a punter. – The 10 Most Annoying Stadium Quirks

Jumbo Jack sent this one in: I guess it goes with sports. After all, every one of these douchey schools has athletics.

Ochocinco tweeting from the sidelines? This might be even better. He’s pleasing his fans. Kissing the baby. Well done 85, well done.

Last bit of football news: Brandon Marshall is mailin’ it in!


Speaking of tweeting, did you hear about this? Our pal Peter Robert Casey is making headlines and proving the value of Twitter.

…..That’s pretty much why we tweet too [Ed’s note: Shameless plug!]

Jay Cutler is…

jaycutler_googlemy hero?



412Lax did a thoughtful post about Max Siebald this week. 412 is dead-on.


Michigan has won back-to-back MCLA Championships, so who better to interview in the off-season than John Paul, HC of Michigan AND former MCLA President? Some might even call this guy Pope John Paul of the MCLA, but we won’t take it any further. Sonny over at Collegelax grilled him good.


Did we mention Mr. Kessenich liked Connor Wilson’s article The Future of Major League Lacrosse?


Cool to get some props from Q! (Can we call him that?)



Last week’s photo:

Last week’s winner is Wilson for: “Just a brush; PLAY ON!” Creative, but we think the LAS readers can do better.



What ya got for us this week, Lax Nation?


Chart Of The Day

Jay-Z chart

If you’ve listened to any of the leaks from Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album, this chart hits home. If you haven’t heard them yet, you can find them here.


Alright, enough is enough. Time roll on out of here. Have a good weekend folks.



Sneak_dogwallAloha Friday.


  1. photo contest: “it gets you here, it gets you right here”. with LI accent in homage to the A-1 steak sauce commercials.

    The spoon feed feature is sick. I love being able to come to one place on Friday morning and find all the stuff I don't have time to look for during the hectic work week.
    Keep up the good work, spooners.

  2. Good stuff.  The new fields in Columbia are very nice and the facility is top notch.  I practiced there on Tuesday with the youth team I coach.  The teams BL are going to play are very good – lax is blowing up in SE Florida and the area is loaded with D1 caliber athletes in all sports.  In Ft. Lauderdale and Boca, the big money private schools and football powers like St. Thomas Aquinas are putting some resources towards lax.
    Hill Academy vs CHC will be interesting.  
    Some picks “du jour”:
    Hop over Cuse
    UNC over Duke
    WAC over McDaniel – my alma mater (Washington College) needs to wake up and start playing high-level lacrosse again – 1980’s style