THE Texas Showdown – Hotter N Hell Lacrosse Tournament

Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament texas 361Lax
It does look Hotter N Hell...

The Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament down in Texas, hosted by Team Viva Lacrosse, is one like no other.  Yes, there are lax tournaments throughout the entire US during the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall… But in certain ways, none will compare to this year’s Hotter N Hell Tourney!  Don’t believe me?  Let me convince you.

Reason #1 – Weather:  Texas is in Stage 2-3 drought conditions throughout the entire state right now.  100 degree weather has hit at least 30 days in a row, in EVERY major metro area.  The specter of rain has become a myth around these parts, it simply doesn’t exist, and there is no end in sight to this deathly hot, “hate to go outside” weather.  But being the dedicated laxers that we are, we’re braving Mother Nature’s worst anyway!

Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament texas 361Lax
It does look Hotter N Hell...

Reason #2 – GCLA vs SWLA Championship Showdown:  In Texas there are two Men’s Club Lacrosse Leagues; the Southwest Lacrosse Association (SWLA), and the Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association (GCLA).  This year at the Hotter N Hell lacrosse tournament, the league champions from each organization will face off… and they’ll be doing so in the first round!!!

Not to take away from the other teams that are competing, but since the end of the last Club seasons I have been really pushing to make this game happen, and it just so happened to be the draw for both teams for the first round!  I love it when a plan comes together.  Thanks Murdock.

The 2011 GCLA champions are the 361LAX “Dirty Birds” from Corpus Christi, TX.  In our inaugural year, after merging the CCLAX (Corpus Christi Lax) and FBLAX Men’s Team (Flour Bluff Lax), we had a very successful season, ending with the 2011 GCLA Playoff Championship!  We didn’t come to this tourney without some help, and with off season acquisitions of players from both Houston and San Antonio, we are feeling good to go.  And just WAIT ’til you see the new shirts!

The 2011 SWLA champions are the Pabst Blue Ribbon Lacrosse team (PBR).  In my opinion they are one of the top programs in the state, with a couple years of dominance in both Club League play and Tourney play.  They played in last year’s Mardi Gras tourney in New Orleans against Connor.  Mike Brand was on that team!  PBR will also have some extra help with the addition of a player very familiar with the 361LAX Team; our starting attackman Andrew Smith!

So the stage is set, GCLA versus SWLA, Chewy versus JRich, Tom versus Jerry… You get my drift.  In four days, one champion will emerge as the BEST Men’s Club program in Texas!  Who it will be, nobody knows…

Coverage will be done via… Go Pro Helmet cams and Flip Vid!  Let’s Go!!!

Go PRo helmet cam lacrosse texas lax
Helmet cam and 100% Texas heat.

Peace, Love, and Laxiness,


  1. Tony’s Tavern is the best team in Texas, bar none.  Won the Mardi Gras tournament, beat PBR twice this season.  Beat every team in GCLA.  This tournament is weak.  Try taking those talents to Vail Shootout, Ocean City and War at the Shore where real lax is played.  

    • not so sure that’s the kind of attitude needed to Grow Texas Lacrosse… every tourney has to start somewhere.  Would be nice if you would try to help this one grow instead of blasting them before they’ve even held one game.

      I’ve seen Tony’s Tavern play, and they’re definitely good.  Are they playing the Hotter N Hell tourney?  Seems like a great chance to prove how good they really are and be a part of the community, instead of standing above everyone else and looking down.

      Vail, WotS and OC are great tourneys… but they are not the end all, be all of lax.

      • I must admit, the tone was a bit harsh and uncalled for.  It would have been nice if the facts were properly communicated and shared.  There is nothing more gratifying to see the sport grow in Texas, and Tony’s is committed to the process as many of us are part of the coaching community.  The foundation and future success of lacrosse in Texas are with the youth programs.  

        We do appreciate the recognition, Connor.  We value the work you do to grow the game.  Unfortunately, we will not be participating in this year’s tourney as many are out of town for the holiday weekend.  We look forward to seeing again in New Orleans.  

        • thanks for commenting back!  Agree that the focus should be on youth growth, but I’d love to have another men’s tourney in my backyard!  Thanks for coaching and GTGing!

          Excited to see you guys in NOLA again.  Should be another great Mardi Gras tourney!  Maybe next year you guys will play in the hOtter N Hell tourney… and so will I!

    • As a college coach in Texas I would tend to agree with Connor. Wouldn’t it be better to support an upstart tourney and help lacrosse grow in Texas rather than taking on an elitist attitude?

      Try being part of the solution (GROWTH) rather than part of the problem!!!

      It still amazes me that a seemingly grown up individual talks about other lacrosse players like that. Be glad there is more and more lacrosse in Texas and encourage more people to get into it.

      Joe Ernst
      Head Coach
      Southwestern University

    • So the two wins over PBR came from a “knock the rust off” scrimmage (that no one really cared about anyway), and a win at the Gulf Coast Invitational; where PBR wasn’t even invited until the Thursday prior to the tournament weekend. You also failed to mention that PBR managed to take that tournament game to OT with 11 guys versus Tony’s 20-25… just stating the facts J 

    • Tony’s clearly has little brother syndrome. Big win against a PBR Lite (the old guys) team in OT…congrats dude! Did Tony’s take a team to Vail, War on the Shore or OC? Does Tony’s even play in the tournaments here in Texas? You win one tournament last year and beat some teams in the GCLA and claim to be the bar none greatest in Texas…Wow. Bold words for an “independent team” that wont even play teams in the SWLA. Explain how you are the best team in Texas when I’m holding the Don Newbury Memorial Cup. 

      Why don’t you join the SWLA…where real lax is played.

  2. Well…. since I wrote this article I guess I should also reply…

    Fact: Tony’s Tavern did not beat EVERY team in GCLA, because they did not beat 361LAX.

    Fact: PBR did win the SWLA D1 Title.
    Fact: Everyone competing at Hotter N Hell this year will have small numbers due to it being a holiday weekend and Everyone competing at Hotter N Hell will be playing in 100 degree weather

    Now… I’ll say it… I’m down for hosting a GTL TOUR: Grow Texas Lacrosse “Best of the Best” Tournament.  PBR, 361LAX, Tony’s, SA LAX, and a team from Dallas and Austin. 

    PBR is down.
    361LAX is down.
    SA LAX is always down…

    Everyone just comes, plays, and that’s it.  I’ll line the field.  I’ll bring the Goals.  Teams just have to split the cost of refs.  In the end it’ll be settled.  No SWLA this or GCLA that… just one winner, one Champion.

    Don’t Grow “Your” Game… Grow “The” Game.

    Pretty good post huh…  makes you think, “Man, that Chewy talks a lot of game”…

    But wouldn’t it be great showcase of lacrosse for something like this to happen.  Why go to Vail or NOLA… why not have a premier lacrosse showcase right here in Texas.