The Top 10 Lacrosse Commandments


With the 2009 season coming up it’s time to get back to basics!  Were you stuck inside all winter? Did government agents scramble your brain? Don’t worry because we have ten rules guaranteed to kick start your game this spring.

#10. Thou shall take bounce shots

#9. Thou shall listen and talk to thy stick; this will insure protection of it

#8. Thou shall listen to thy coach

#7. Thou shall seek thine extra pass

#6. Thou must be well practiced with thine right AND left hands

#5. Thou must not show cowardice on ground balls

#4. Thou shall celebrate thine fellow teammates

#3. Thou shall use thy stick carefully when combating thine attackers

#2. Thou shall give all thine has. (110%)

and the number one commandment for all LacrosseAllStars…


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