When You’re Not Laxin – Build a Kegerator!


KegeratorWe’ve all had the dream, so why not put it into fruition? This weekend was the Tahoe Lax Tourney and while all those guys were soaking up the NV sun, laxin’ it up and taking care of some serious beer no doubt, I was at home in Portland only doing one of those. Luckily enough, it was the Oregon Brewers Festival this weekend.

I spent Friday night taking care of business at the waterfront with hundreds of other thirsty Portlanders.Then Saturday it was time for some real work. That’s right – I spent Saturday building my very own mini-kegerator.The adventure was fraught with hardships and pain, but what is now sitting in my living room is so worth it.



I couldn’t have done it without a little help from this great website which explains all the trials and tribulations in detail. Once we had a game plan it was time to get the parts, so we got a mini fridge off craigslist and then headed on down to our local homebrew shop to get the tap, CO2 and hoses. All in all, the parts cost about $300.

For those who have not tried this and would like to, let me tell you one thing: figure out exactly how much room you need for the keg you want, and make sure the Freon coils don’t get in the way! One of the biggest problems we ran into was that we had perfectly judged the size of the keg, but forgot about the spigot which sticks out another 2” into the center of the Freon coils – which we ended up having to bend around the spigot. Once we got that figured out the mini fridge fits a pony keg perfectly – currently filled with Full Sail Amber. For now…

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