Things You Should Know, Watch & Read

Grow The Game Malcolm Chase Lacrosse LSM
Malcolm Chase is true Grow The Gamer as well!

Editor’s Note: Summer time is usually filled with fun in the sun, so it’s easy to lose track of the awesome internet stuff each week.  But we’ve got you covered!  This is what you need to know, what you should be watching (when you’re not outside laxing it up) and what you should be reading when you need a little down time or just want to exercise your brain a bit.  Keep that head muscle strong!  Know it, watch it, read it.  Woooaaaahhhhh.


Things you should know:

Golf Boys – Oh Oh Oh has turned into quite the YouTube Sensation! Did you know the lacrosse world’s very own Con Bro Chill wrote the music? Of course CBC would write something as brilliant as this! His brother SAMM produced.

(Editor’s note: If SAMM and Con Bro teamed up for a similar video called “Lax Boys – Ay Ay Ay”, who would be the starring cast?)

– Our GTG Shorts sale went amazingly well! Kudos to the bidders for their unbridled interaction!  Just goes to show you LAS has the best readers in the world.  Really!

– LAS has a large contest in the works.  You’ll know more soon!

– has some FRESH Summer gear!  Need photographic evidence?  Ok. GTG!  Their gear is also awesome, and we’ll get pictures up soon!

Grow The Game Malcolm Chase Lacrosse LSM
Wait til you see the actual gear!!!! So sweet!

Things you should watch:

– The producer of the 2011 Prior Lake Boys Lacrosse Highlight Video takes a unique approach. The beginning scenes are full of instances you wouldn’t expect to see in a traditional highlight film. We like that!

– Hey you, get off of Glenn Morley’s Cloud! Team Australia defenseman Glenn Morley rocks a helmet cam during his preparation leading up to the GTG Invitational lacrosse game.

– A High School Lacrosse Announcer Channels His Inner B.I.G. – CLASSIC!

Things you should read:

– Thanks, Dad! Lax & Life Lessons – off the field. | The Art of Lax

– Dan Helfrich’s Day 3 recap of our Thailand trip | Lax Roads

It’s remarkable that I can call every single person that went on the trip a lifelong friend. Lacrosse is responsible for that.

– Lacrosse festival draws thousands to Raleigh, NC |

– Matt Pratt is the latest addition to the OCC lacrosse pipeline to Syracuse |

– Lacrosse player saved by defibrillator | You News Now