Three Athletes With Adrenaline: 2013 Black Card Showcase

Adrenaline Black Card Showcase

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Last week, our friends at Adrenaline, an LAS partner, hosted the 2013 Black Card Showcase in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In it’s second year, the Black Card event featured 175 high school boys lacrosse players who are counted amongst the top one percent of uncommitted aspiring collegiate athletes in North America.

From what I’ve gathered in speaking with people close to the event, it was a total success. Players from all over the map were able to show off their talents to 75 college recruiters, including representatives from most of the top NCAA Division I programs. Organizers of Black Card are even expecting a 100% college placement success rate amongst upperclassmen following their performances.

One interesting thing I noticed was that four of the top 10 performances at the event came from West Coast players. How close is the West Coast to producing just as much talent as the East, exactly? Adrenaline’s rankings suggest it may not be too long until high school talent is neck and neck.

In the video below, we visit with three aspiring lacrosse athletes, all from unique areas, who made their way to the Black Card Showcase with a mission to prove themselves and earn an chance to play at the NCAA Division 1 level.

Phillip Goss, the goalie from San Francisco above, was listed as the #9 standout at the Black Card Showcase. According to event staff, there were many solid goal keepers in attendance, but something about Goss brightly stood out.

Meanwhile, Beau Botkiss, a product of the San Diego lacrosse community, was listed as having third best performance at Black Card. The lefty long-stick midfielder is said to play an aggressive, physical brand of ball. Word is he possesses great natural instincts, too.

And while it’s all fine and dandy to raise these kids up right now, as well as bury them in sweet new gear, let’s not forget they’re in for a wild ride on the recruiting roller coaster from here. These kids are chasing their dreams, and attending events like the Adrenaline Black Card help get them discovered. Suddenly they’re hot topics on the recruiting scene.

How each player handles the attention and continues to improve his game will ultimately determine if he achieves his dream one day.

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