Throwback Thursday: 1996 Vail Lacrosse Video


This weekend Lake Placid men’s divisions will play out and the 2014 version of the event promises to be excellent, with plenty of talent and big names on display. Like Placid, there are a couple of other “big time” Summer tournaments out there, and one of them is the Vail Shootout. I found this amazing Vail Lacrosse Video from the 1996 version of the Shootout, and it’s nothing short of awesome.

It’s also making me think about the good old days of Summer lacrosse, where the STARS came out to play against the rest of us! Who is playing in the Vail Lacrosse Video from way back in 1996? Where do I even start?

Tom Maracheck, Billy Daye, Vinnie Sombrotto, John Gagliardi, Paul Gait, John Zulberti, Brian Dougherty, Tucker Radebaugh, Scott Miller, Brian Kelly, Rick Beardsley, Roy Colsey, Sal LoCasio, Matt Pannetta, Darren Lowe, Lindsay Dixon, Tim Whitely, Greg Traynor, Tim Goldstein, Michael Watson, Paul Schmoler, Kevin Finneran, Mark Millon, Casey Powell, Charlie Lockwood, Billy Miller, JT Corrigan, Tim Soudan, Tyler Hardy, and Brian Voelker were all playing. How ridiculous is that list of names? And that wasn’t even everyone! Holy smokes.

Steve Kisslinger is also featured in the video, and he was the one who uploaded it to YouTube. Kisslinger scores a phenomenally nice goal around the 4:22 mark. Quint loves it, I love it, Kisslinger loves it. Mark Millon’s one hand Air Gait move around the 5:55 mark is also beyond ridiculous.

Ok, enough from me, it’s time for the video:

1996 Vail Lacrosse Video

What I now want to see is Old School video from Lake Placid! I played in Placid from 2000 until 2004 or 2005 (honestly can’t remember my last year there) and the talent level is ridiculous. I remember playing against Billy Daye and Tom Ryan in my first game up there for IAS. I covered Brendan Glass, a UMass All American. Growing up in high school, he was my lacrosse idol because he played D1 but came from the town next door to me in Massachusetts (Glass was from Subbury, I was from Weston).

I got hit with a shot from one of their longsticks, and was lucky to not die. I stripped Tom Ryan once and then got into a shoving match with him. Paul Gait gave me a pair of DeBeer gloves when I saw that I had left my gloves in the hotel. I then gave the gloves to one of my assistant coaches at Wesleyan. I met a ton of people for the first time. I went up without a team or a place to stay in year 1. My aviator sunglasses were a huge hit. Placid was crazy, but awesome. I highly recommend it!