Throwback Thursday: Keeper Of The Kohn


Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Today we’re talking about Peter Kohn and Middlebury Lacrosse, and you should really know about both Peter and the Midd program, if you don’t already. Middlebury won three NCAA D3 national titles (2000, 2001, and 2002) in a row, became the first NESCAC team to win a title (Tufts has now won two as well), and had more All Americans play for them than you could count on all your hands and feet.

Peter Kohn was long attached to the program, and their success was his success, and vice versa.

You can watch a full film on Peter Kohn, titled Keeper of the Kohn, HERE, but if you want to whet your appetite first, check out this six minute short movie on the man, the myth, the legend; Peter Kohn:

Keeper of the Kohn – Short Film

The above short film was shown at Peter’s funeral, and is a great way to remember a great man. For more on Peter Kohn, check out a tribute to him, called Give It Your All, right here on LAS.

There are a lot of people out there doing great things for lacrosse teams, and sports teams in general. It’s easy to look past these people, and focus on the game only, but if you do that, you may miss out on something truly special. The Middlebury Lacrosse program bought into this mentality, and it brought a great group of players together so that they could accomplish greater things. Those bonds then went beyond college, and when the Midd alums play in Vail, they play as Team Gutman. Gutman is Peter Kohn’s middle name.

So what is your team doing to be better, both on and off the field? Who do you listen to? What do you believe in? How do different people fit into your team dynamic? How do they fit into your life? Could someone like Peter find a home with your program? Why or why not? These are important questions to ask yourself. After all, if Middlebury did it, and won, what’s holding you back from doing the same?

Maybe it’s not just about the Jimmies and Joes OR the Xs and Os. Maybe it’s about something even bigger. Peter Kohn and Middlebury Lacrosse provided a living example of this potential. Where will you find yours?