Throwback Thursday: Look What Tommy Found!


Tommy Gilligan is usually shooting amazing lacrosse photos, but today he is helping out at a yard sale in New York, and he came across a true gem… an old plastic Brine goalie stick from Geneseo State!


How do we know it’s from Geneseo State? It says so in the plastic:


This is further proof that you should NEVER whine about going to Yard Sales or Antique Stores with parents or girlfriends. You might find a vintage lacrosse stick!

Can anyone out there tell us the model and year of the above oldie but goodie?

Want to see a NEW traditionally strung goalie stick? Look no further.


  1. That’s awesome. I’ve picked up some awesome gear at the thrift store in the past month. Nothing too vintage but here’s what I have found so far.

    Cascade CLH2 – $5
    Cascade C2 – $2
    OG Razer – $2
    A few cheap aluminum shafts – $2/each

    I need to make another round to the thrift stores once the summer leagues are over.

  2. Idaho Youth Ranch. I found the CLH2 out in Caldwell. It was spray painted black and purple so I assume it was used by someone at C of I. The C2 was from Bishop Kelly and I found it at the IYR in Meridian. The OG Razer and shafts had address labels from Boise but were at the IYR in Middleton. I found a really nice Granada HS jersey for $2 not too long ago at the Goodwill in Nampa. There was also an STX AV8 at Savers in Meridian for like $10 (too much for the condition it was in). You just have to look everywhere, but the Youth Ranch seems to be the best.

  3. The best time to go to the thrift store to look is right when the season is over. I’ve realized a lot of people in the Valley will give gear to the Youth Ranch instead of putting it up on Craigslist. I’ve found tons of lacrosse gear at the beginning of the summer, but a lot of it isn’t worth the price.