Throwback Thursday: UNC Vs Hop 1986


Last week we had UNC vs UVA for the whole enchilada that was 1986. This week, we’re going two days further back in time to see how UNC made it to the finals. How’d they do it? They knocked off legendary Johns Hopkins, that’s how!

We told you about the UNC team last week, so this week we’ll dive into 1986 Hop:

The Hopkins attack was widely regarded as the top unit in the country back then, at least according to Leif Elsmo. Brian Wood and Craig Bubier were Hop’s big weapons at attack. Bubier was a goal scoring machine, and Wood was a pure playmaker.

Their D wasn’t too shabby either! John DiTomasso led the way, and he was absolutely dominant. Watch #41 all game long for Hop as he marked Seivold, who was also a stud for UNC at attack. Stuart Jones was the Hop keeper. UNC had lost to Hop 16-4 earlier in the year, but that wasn’t the way this one played out… what a game!

As usual, we’re getting this killer old school lacrosse video from Lax School. Check them out on YouTube!