Today, (Insert Name Here) Is a Member of Team USA

Team USA celebrates Rob Pannell's game winning goal with a few ticks left on the clock in their 10-9 win for Team USA at Harvard Stadium in Cambridge MA on June 26th 2014.

Photo Credit: Casey Kermes

The US Lacrosse Facebook page has been releasing these killer promo peeks at Team USA’s 23-Man roster for the World Lacrosse Championships this month.

In my personal opinion, these are some of the coolest, and most refreshing, pieces of marketing revolving around lacrosse in a long while. If I was still a young man that is unsure about whether or not I could really be someone in the game of lacrosse, these would have given me every last piece of motivation that I would have needed.

Need a little motivation yourself? Scroll to the bottom first, crank the jammies, then check out the awesome Facebook posts below!

Team USA is not made of quitters, quitters can’t win and winner DO NOT QUIT. It makes me proud to share soil with these guys.

Make sure to tune in to ESPN 2 on Thursday July 10th at 9pm eastern to watch Team USA kick-off the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship against Canada.

Happy America Day, folks!

Note: This should be playing the entire time you read this post!