Top Sports Twitterati For August


While this list fails miserably to notice the best lacrosse twatters out there (two notables are @PaulRabil and @KyleHarrison18), Darren Rovell still compiles together the best re-cap every month of what personalities are being insightful and hilarious in the sports world.

Some users suffer from extreme “stream-of-thought-itis” but others really understand how to maximize those 140 characters for good and not evil.

Number 1 on his list for August was The Sports Fella, Bill Simmons:

1. Bill Simmons (link: — A staple of our monthly list, The Sports Guy is always good for a laugh. You don’t get 700,000 followers by accident.

Best recent tweet: “True or false: You’d be excited if a brawl broke out in the Little League World Series.”

Source: CNBC’s Sports Twitter Rankings (Aug ’09)

Check out the whole list and make sure to submit Paul, Kyle, and any of your other favorite lacrosse twitter’ers for next month’s rankings.  You can send submissions to @darrenrovell1 or email

If Kyle keeps making recommendations like this then he’ll be in September’s rankings no problemo: