Top String Tuesday: Iroquois Top String

Iroquois in black and blue.


Nice and simple.
Nice and simple.

Last week I showed you how I string a Huron top string.  This week I will walk you through my approach to stringing an Iroquois top string.  Like the Huron top string, the Iroquois top string features what I call a “dropped top string”.

While I prefer the Huron top string due to it’s use of additional top strings for added tension, the Iroquois top string is quicker and easier to install.  The ease of installation and maintenance of the Iroquois top string make it a great dropped top string for any player interested in testing out this type of pocket.

As always, this is my approach to stringing an Iroquois top string.  Take what you will from it, test out new methods, and make your stick your own.  Check back next week for a look inside a dropped pita pocket.