The Vermont Voyageurs play box lacrosse in Canada all Summer long, and they are the only franchise of their kind currently in existence in the US.
Today I am going to write about Physicality VS Violence, in lacrosse. Physicality and violence are two very, very different things.
Recently, the Boston Box Lacrosse League completed their session which spanned the fall and winter of 2015-2016. What makes this league special?
On Saturday night, the officials missed a goalie goal scored by Colorado net-minder Alex Buque on himself that could have led to a loss.
Ok, you want to watch this AMAZING 1.5 hour long documentary from the Czech Republic's University of Pardubice! It's all about the history of the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, and it is AMAZING stuff! Well worth your time, so check...
Josh Potter became a World Championships Goalie. Compelling stuff about sticking it out and adapting to challenges in life.
USA box lacrosse has an uncertain future right now. Are things headed in the right, or wrong, direction? Two contrasting views are laid out inside.
Is Box Lacrosse Better Than Field Lacrosse? We recently asked the above question using a Twitter poll, and after around 600 responses, field lacrosse was well ahead in the poll, leading 78% to 22%.

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