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The 8th Annual CityLax Southampton Shootout took place on August 20th, 2016 at Southampton HS out on the easter end of Long Island. We've got video!
For years, we have been asked, "Do you have girls programming?" Today, we proudly answer YES.
Key takeaways from Trilogy's Club Recruiting Seminar and more.
The Salt Shakerz put on an annual Summer tournament in NYC - the SSZ Invitational - and for me, this is really the kick off tournament of the Summer Season.
The last couple of weeks in Louisiana have been crazy. We have endured flood, tornadoes, and weeks of rain, and a lacrosse season went into overdrive to make up games and get the high school play off picture hashed out. College and Men's Club level have interesting information as well!
An update on everything that happened in Louisiana recently in the lacrosse world. This post has high school, college, and more!
The 2016 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament went off without a hitch, and three champions were crowned this year, instead of the usual two!
Let's talk about American Lacrosse, shall we? I watched the U-19 USA/Canada matchup solely for the purpose of my own enjoyment and it got me thinking.

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